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  • For aspiring pharmacy and medical students aiming to carve out a global career, Thomas More University presents an unparalleled opportunity. Here, the future of health care management education in USA is being redefined, offering a unique blend of practical knowledge and managerial expertise.

Transforming Health Care Education:

Beyond Medicine

  • With healthcare constantly changing, its focus extends beyond traditional medicine - to encompass an intricate blend of management, strategy, and data analysis. As a pharmacy or medical student, your understanding of treatments and patient care serves as the cornerstone. Thomas More University's Health Care Management program enhances this foundation with vital skills such as administration and data analytics that prepare you to tackle today's ever-evolving health care industry head-on.

 Global Healthcare Industry Growth Trends (2018-2023)


The line graph above illustrates the estimated growth trends in the global healthcare industry from 2018 to 2023. This graph is based on illustrative data and shows a steady increase in the growth rate over these years, which can be used to emphasize the expanding opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Unlock a World of Career Possibilities

The global health care sector is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for professionals skilled in management, particularly within the USA. Pursuing either a master's in health administration in US or healthcare administration opens doors to various high-demand roles such as:

  •        Clinical Data Analyst
  •        Healthcare Administrator
  •        Clinical Research Data Analyst.
  •        Clinical Data Validation Specialist

These positions are in great demand across numerous sectors, including pharmaceuticals, CROs, healthcare systems, research bodies and biotech firms. Financial prospects can also be very promising with potential earnings of between $75,000 and $100,000 each year.

Demand for Healthcare Management Professionals by Sector


The pie chart above represents the illustrative distribution of demand for healthcare management professionals across various sectors. It highlights that hospitals have the highest demand, followed by clinics, pharmaceutical companies, health technology firms, insurance companies, and public health organizations. This visualization can help emphasize the diverse opportunities available in healthcare management.

Why Thomas More University:

Thomas More University Stands Out Thomas More University excels at offering affordable yet high-quality education. Our 20-month Health Care Management course in USA costs just $17,500 - representing an investment in your professional future! The curriculum covers key areas including:

  •        Health Care Financial Management
  •        Health Care Management & Leadership
  •        Health IT Law and Ethics
  •        Health System Organization and Management

As well as System Organization & Management are among the many services provided by professionals dedicated to Health Care Financing Management, Management & Leadership as well as System Organization and Administration.

Comparative Cost of Healthcare Management Programs per Year


Figure: 3

The bar graph above provides an illustrative comparison of the costs of healthcare management programs across different institutions, including Thomas More University. In this example, Thomas More University's program is shown as being more affordable compared to other institutions. This visual can be particularly effective in demonstrating the value and affordability of the program offered by Thomas More University in comparison to its counterparts.

Salary Ranges and Job Growth for Healthcare Management Positions

Figure: 4

The above bar and line graph provides an illustrative overview of the salary ranges and job growth for various healthcare management positions. The bar graph (in blue) shows the average salary for each position, while the line graph (in orange) indicates the projected job growth percentage. This visualization demonstrates that positions like Pharmaceutical Project Manager and Health Informatics Specialist not only offer higher average salaries but also have a promising job growth outlook.

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