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SirianOverseas Consultants has been able to set its task firm when it comes making your dreams come true for overseas education consultancy services. We have been able to have an authoritative support for the university and college, and also with students who tend to seek their admissions.

The United Kingdom provides an excellent, internationally competitive education and research environment, which has made Britain a world leader in higher education. The quality of British education and the value of its research is unrivalled. The United Kingdom's world-class research universities – and its network of outstanding research centres and institutes – are renowned internationally for their quality and leadership. The contribution these institutions make to the UK economy through research and technological development, and the training and employment they create, continue to increase. The United Kingdom provides quality education and excellent opportunities for international students in higher education, research, and professional development. Its tertiary institutions include leading universities, major centres and specialist institutions, from the Russell Group of research-intensive universities to the many excellent specialist colleges and institutes.

Our Abroad overseas consultancy works with a network of highly respected and well-known institutions of higher education. It is, therefore, no surprise that more than 30,000 students a year choose to study in the UK for Higher Education, either for university or PhD-level studies. As an English-speaking destination, UK students find an excellent study environment. London and the South East are the leading centres for higher education for Indian Students studying in the UK, with a high educational provision and quality of life.

Here, we explore some of the pros and cons of studying in the UK for Indian students. The pros of studying in the UK for Indian students include:

1. London is a vibrant and exciting city with a vast array of cultural attractions to visit.

2. The quality of education offered by British universities is considered to be among the best in Europe. There are also employer opportunities here, should you wish to study further after completing your degree or enrol on courses specifically related to your field of interest.

3. The English language is widely spoken and thus not a barrier to accessing learning opportunities or engaging with residents.

4. There are plenty of social and networking events available specifically for international students, making it easy to make friends and network within your university community and beyond.

However, there are also some potential cons associated with studying in the UK for Indian students:

1. Living as an ethnic minority can be challenging; you may need to adjust your lifestyle somewhat if you are used to living primarily within India's multicultural environment.

2. It can be not easy to enter an English high school or university without achieving good grades in high school English classes back home, even if you have attended boarding school or previously UK abroad study!

3. There can often be a big culture shock when moving from rural India – where people traditionally work during daytime hours – into bustling urban centres like London, where people live primarily during the evening and night hours.

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Why Study in UK?

The UK has one of the best quality education system, where students can reach the top positions in national and international exams. Students from UK can get admission in universities and colleges of their choice. The system has been ranked consistently at top of the world. Top universities of UK offer higher education in all academic streams including engineering, medicine, law, management, science, arts and humanities. UK offers a higher education in which there is no restriction to study in any stream. UK gives a lot of government scholarships for students which cover tuition fees. Eligibility to get UK educational system are different for each stream but every student have equal opportunity to get admission in most of the universities and colleges of UK. Many top companies recruit the student from UK colleges for the vacancies and offers many scholarships, which makes the students from UK to stand above the others. UK is great to enjoy the different culture, where students can mix with each other and learn more about other cultures.

Your dreams come true through SirianOverseas

SirianOverseas Consultancy has been a preferred top overseas education consultants for Indian students who are looking out for the UK study abroad consultants. Over this years, we has been guiding students for the best university and college intake in and around the UK.

We  are the help students in Absolute planning for the study in UK for Indian students UK study this involves choosing subjects in the Bachelor’s or Master’s program.

Application Procedure

  • Intakes

Admission to united states of america universities and establishments may be without a doubt aggressive. Every college/ department has its very own admission essentials of the route of take a look at chose. Intakes.

US universities have 3 inputs Fall August/ September, Spring January/ February and summer time April/ may. Main enter is the fall input, however final of the colleges are open for Spring and more than one of them for summer time input too.

  • English Language Requirements

English Language conditions All scholars ought to have the wanted English language skillability with greetings to the route. TOEFL score of 80- ninety for postgraduate and 70- eighty for undergraduate research is a decent score. IELTS rating of6.Zero-6.Five for undergraduates and6.5- 7 band for postgraduate studies is needed. Over 2500 establishments in u.S.A. Honor the IELTS & PTE test together with several pinnacle ranked institutions.

  • Entry Requirements + Eligibility
  1. Undergraduate: 10+2
  2. Graduate:16 years of education required
  3. Some institutions accepts 3 years of degree i.e. BCom, BSc, BA etc- into their Masters or MBA Program
  4. Good & strong academic background
  5. Good scores in entrance exams like SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS or PTE
  6. Strong recommendation letters
  7. Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement, Essays & Resume
  8. Strong financial background
  9. Certificates of achievement & extra -curricular activity participation.
  • The Application Process

The Application Process consists of 6 stages

  1. Pre Application Stage : This stage comprises of collection of information through education fairs, events and consultants:
  2. Understanding the application process to avoid any confusions and errors.
  3. Identifying the desired university and starting with the university selection.
  4. Preparing Passport.
  • Test Taking And Universities Selection

This step consists of 2 sub steps :-

  1. Test Training (GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE) Test Training Consists of : Computer Adaptive Tests, Mock Sessions, Seeking Application Material for test registration, Actual Test Registration
  2. The second step is University Selection, It consists of : Subject finalizing, Checking the University ranking, Overall / Subject-wise ranking, Curriculum prospectus, Faculty profile, Student demography, Research demography, Research facilities at university, Funding option / cost, Infrastructure.
  • Application Documentation

In this step you have to collect and entire all the set of files, specifically :- protecting Letter, software fees, software shape, statement Of reason, Essays, Resume, advice Letters,Transcripts, Mark Sheets & certificates, financial institution certificates, Affidavit of financial support, check score file.

  • Admission Confirmations

Receiving Unconditional Admit Letter, Receiving and verifying University I-20 Form, Financial Aid/Assistantship/ Waiver letter

  • Student Visa (F-1)

This is the process in which the student completes the Visa process: Submitting the I-20 Form, Verifying Passport, Resume, Paying Visa Fee, Paying Sevis Fee, Test Score Report, Academic Documents, Affidavit, IT Returns, Supporting Documents for all Finances


These vary between study programs and situations. For each course, Indian scholars will need to meet a minimal English language demand. Along with that a minimum academic record of 65 and over for humanities sluice in class XII, and 70- 80 and over for Science/ Commerce sluice in class XII will also be needed.

You must have at least £4,000 in your savings. Anything less than that can raise questions and lead to visa refusal. Again, UK Visas and Immigration does not specify what is acceptable in terms of funds.

Before applying for their pupil visa to study in UK, Indian scholars must insure that they've a minimal 12 to 15 lakhs. This is keeping in mind that they need to show available backing for Time-1 course freights and accommodation charges.

Yes, you may receive a UK study visa without IELTS provided you can show the immigration authorities a certificate from the university where you have been admitted stating you are eligible for a study visa without IELTS.

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