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Visitor Visa Overview

  • These visa is for persons who want to travel to a new country for a short period for vacation, to see family, or to undergo medical treatment.
  • Candidates who show a actual purpose for tour or who've already traveled the world over will locate the traveler visa process to be pretty painless and straightforward.
  • The majority of traveller visa applicants have to demonstrate that they've sufficient budget to aid themselves in their vacation spot country and that they have got made proper arrangements for accommodations while on a tourist visa.
  • While issuing a visitor visa, most countries conduct biometric testing to the applicant.

Visitor Visa: Requirements, Eligibility, & Fee

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Visitor visas are granted to those candidates, who desire to journey to any other state for a vacation or to see the traveler sights or to go to a chum/family, or for clinical functions. These visas are best valid for a sure amount of time and do no longer allow the overseas vacationer to behavior business whilst in the country. The utility technique, qualifying requirements, and required documentation, alternatively, can vary from nation to country.

Eligibility to get Visitor Visa

  • Age – 21- 40 years
  • English Language Proficiency – A good score in IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/GRE
  • Work Experience in or outside the country – Minimum 2 years
  • Academic Qualification – Minimum bachelor's degree
  • State sponsorship
  • Niche skills can be advantageous
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the countries will not allow working on a visitor visa. You can do a job search and attend interviews. Not even part-time jobs are allowed on a visitor visa.

The bank balance needed for a sightseer visa depends on the country you're visiting and the duration of the stay. On average, it would bring around$,000-$,000 for 15 days in the USA. Get in touch with our caller visa counselors to get the exact fund demand details for the country you choose.
A visitor visa or caller visa can not be converted to a work visa or a resident visa. rather, you can apply for an extension on a caller visa. Or if you were suitable to secure a job, you need to return to your home country and apply for a work visa. But when it comes to the USA, If you're on a B1/ B2 sightseer visa, you can convert that to a work visa if you're in the USA and your employer offers you a professional position.
It is strictly prohibited to search for a job in any country for those who are on a visitor visa. It is not allowed to look for a job or earn a visitor visa.
A short-term study course can be taken while being on a visitor visa.