About SirianOverseas

Providing Overseas Educational Service

Complete services for students looking to study abroad including admission and visa assistance. Our experienced team will provide you with guidance every step of the way – right from giving you a detailed overview of the courses available, exams that need to be taken for admission/visa purposes and the cost of studying in your chosen country to assisting you with getting your admission and visa (including preparation and verification of visa documents and following up on visa applications with embassies). If you would like to find a course/university based on your personal. Contact us now for more details.

Our Mission & Purpose

To provide the best possible guidance to students from India who intend to study abroad. We understand that every student has different goals and each one has a different path to those goals.

Education a vital element for any individual to gain the edge has been changing in a very dynamic manner. Students around the globe are currently looking for the best Overseas Education Consultants for education that not only offers them the skills and the knowledge but also gives them an edge by providing them with experimental exposure towards their learning. Along with that, they also need to ensure that the education brings a change in them which results in complimenting their job career for a long tenure. Overseas education plays an important aspect over here along with the secondary importance given to immigration. All these things add up to the point that students are radically opting for international education as a part of their career and make sure that they excel at it. To achieve this goal in mind we at Sirian Overseas Educare Pvt Ltd one of the leading abroad Consultants in Vijayawada ensure that once a client joins hands with us, they don't have to regret that decision.

We are the best global leader in the international/abroad education consultants. We are here to help international students in English speaking countries. Our success comes from connecting students with the right course in the right university or institution and the right country. We partner with 1200+ leading universities, schools, and colleges across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States.


  • Assessment and Guidance for Selection of Course and Institute.
  • Training for various Tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Preparation and Submission of Admission Application
  • Counseling for Visa Requirements and Latest Visa Rules Updates
  • Follow-up & Correspondence with the Institute
  • Pursue Possibility for Scholarships & Bank Loan
  • Preparation for Visa Interview and Visa Counseling
  • Visa Application Preparation and Visa Application Submission ( if required )
  • Pre-Departure Briefing and Other Necessary Arrangements
Admission Guidance
SirianOverseas Education Consultancy has been always on their merits as we have with us senior expert counselors who tend to guide and assist students.
Visa Assistance
Visa Assistance is one of the stylish integral conditioning that we carry out for the each and every pupil who approach us. The expert company is always pro-active when it comes to the specific of the financial documents.
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