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Study Visa Overview

We are the best global leader in the international/abroad education consultants procedure-related issues, ensuring hassle-free visa issuance and helping students to know the required documents and information related to their studies in a foreign country. We provide a customized service that enables you to find the best option for your study abroad requirements. Our best study visa consultants at Sirian Overseas will help you to obtain a student visa and support you in preparing the documents that are necessary for a successful application to study at a foreign university or college. We will review the visa application with you and explain the procedure to ensure you know the required visa and document information. We guide you through the application requirements to the university or college, visa application, and the specific visa procedure. We arrange help in preparing documents to help you complete the application. Your visa consultant at Sirian Overseas will ensure that the application is filed promptly and help you understand and comply with any additional requirements or special conditions that may apply, for instance, health conditions, age requirements, and any security requirements. We also help you to find scholarships and support your application for funding from the government or institutions. You must apply for a student visa in time and not leave it too late, as many people miss the deadline to apply. The best study visa consultants at Sirian Overseas assist the students with all the study visa paperwork and requirements, including fees, visa documents, and application forms.

A Student visa (or) Study visa is an endorsement this is introduced to a central authority passport, which lets in foreign students to take a look at a country’s certified academic establishments. Any potential scholar looking for higher education in a foreign country must attain a student visa from that country.

Study Visa: Requirements, Eligibility, & Fee

Applying for a visa isn’t always an smooth task. We are able to effortlessly feel crushed with an countless listing of regulations with the documents to keep track of. SirianOverseas has the expertise, experience, and confirmed structures to assist you to navigate hard immigration processes and with a bit of luck record your visa software. We’ve got a excessive fulfillment price and provide the exceptional carrier inside the industry.

Eligibility to get Study Visa

  • A valid passport with a validity date at least six months beyond your period of stay.
  • A valid passport with a validity date at least six months beyond your period of stay.
  • Confirmation page of DS-160.
  • Payment of application fees for SEVIS.
  • Application as a non-immigrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

A student visa is a special countersign added to a government passport issued to scholars enrolled at good educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that don't bear the holder to gain citizenship.

A student visa doesn't allow tone- employment. This means in order to take over work you should be given a formal document by the employer similar as a' contract of employment' or a' worker's agreement' or some other written statement attesting your employment status.
It generally takes at least 10 weeks for your operation to be reused. It's also important for you to note that your study visa is issued to study at one institution and you would have to apply for a change of conditions, should you want to change institutions.
An F-1 visa is issued for up to 5 years. However, the residence status in the Unitd States is valid for the entire duration of the study and is noted on the I-20 form.